Awarded: July 2022
Completion Date: July 2025

EMPOWER is the first and only equity-focused, nationwide charging program in the U.S. EMPOWER catalyzes workplace charging through outreach, workplace charger install commitments, and actual installations. Clean Cities Georgia has partnered with over 30 other Clean Cities Coalitions to foster relationships with local workplaces, through EMPOWER. This program is focused on assisting in workplaces located in or employing members of communities that have experienced historical disinvestment. Employees in these communities are more likely to face fundamental barriers to at-home EV charging. Since estimates show that 80% of current EV charging happens at home, EMPOWER is reducing barriers blocking these employees from accessing EVs and the economic benefits of driving electric.

The goal of the program is to not only to reduce barriers to electrification in communities that need it the most, but to also build toward an electric-fueled and more sustainable future, through their workplaces. This program has four main project goals:

  1. Increase employer commitments for workplace charging programs and installations
  2. Bolster career pathways in the EV charging industry for underrepresented communities
  3. Provide helpful web resources and tools for employers interesting in joining the program and providing their employees with chargers for their workplace
  4. Publicly recognize and support the workplaces installing chargers to influence their communities to do the same

Learn more about the program by either reading our flyer or contacting us at samantha@cleancitiesgeorgia.org